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Harnessing the power of quantum physics, the SeQRNG stands out as a self-testing quantum random number generator (QRNG). This innovative feature enables real-time health verification and detection of external interference, safeguarding against both hardware malfunctions and hacking attempts. The SeQRNG's self-testing ensures the randomness and security of generated numbers, making it a robust and reliable solution exceeding traditional methods. 


Additionally, complying with the ITU's QES2** standards (X.1702) and holding GLI certification (A2LA 2428.05), the SeQRNG offers enhanced security in cryptography, guaranteed fairness in gambling, and increased reliability in scientific simulations, solidifying its position as a groundbreaking advancement in random number generation.


This cutting-edge technology has earned Sequre Quantum the Startup of the Year 2023 award by the Innovation of El Mercurio Journal, PWC, Nestle and the Embassy of Switzerland in Chile.


What truly sets the SeQRNG apart is its patented self-testing operation, device-independent technology. Unlike traditional random number generators, the SeQRNG   actively verifies the unpredictability of every number in real-time using the laws of quantum physics, ensuring complete reliability and unmatched security.


This makes the SeQRNG the ideal choice for applications that demand the absolute highest level of randomness:


-Cryptographers: Craft impenetrable encryption keys and safeguard sensitive data with the unshakeable security of quantum-powered randomness.


-Blockchain developers: Build fair and transparent applications on a foundation of ironclad randomness, fostering trust and user confidence.


-Scientific researchers: Conduct experiments requiring verifiably unbiased data with SeQRNG's guaranteed randomness, pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery.


-Gambling: The SeQRNG can be used to ensure the randomness of the results in games of chance.


Explore the limitless possibilities of the SeQRNG today, and unlock the next generation of randomness for your critical applications.

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