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Step by Step, slowly but (Cyber)Securely

(El Diario Financiero, June 2024) 


In his recent State of the Nation Address, President Gabriel Boric emphasized the importance of Science, Technology, Knowledge, and Innovation (STKI) for Chile's sustainable development. While the advancements mentioned, such as a 10% increase in the budget for STKI and projects in artificial intelligence, are positive steps, there are other urgent steps we must take. For example, in the areas of cybersecurity and quantum technologies. 


Last March, Chile enacted the Cybersecurity Framework Law, establishing the National Cybersecurity Agency (ANCI). This is a significant advancement, but the robustness and effectiveness of this law largely depend on sustained investment in technology and innovation. 


Building a strong digital economy and implementing a Knowledge Economy Law could complement and strengthen the Cybersecurity Law. Chile needs a clear roadmap to reach the goal of 1% of GDP in R&D. In this regard, investment in science and technology not only drives innovation but also reinforces the country's digital infrastructure. 


Many of us are working behind the scenes to take these steps. Our efforts need to be supported by policies and resources that ensure not only progress but also (cyber)security. 


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