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About Us

Unbreakable security was once a dream for a random number generator, but at Sequre Quantum, we've turned it into a reality. Fueled by two decades of relentless fundamental research and innovative experiments in quantum information science, we've unlocked the power of quantum physics to provide the world's first self-certifying quantum generator. Imagine critical systems constantly verifying their own functionality, safeguarding your most valuable assets in real-time. That's the revolutionary future we're building. Our journey started with a shared vision: to push the boundaries of information security through relentless exploration and collaboration. Today, our passionate team of 15 quantum physicists, physicists, and engineering experts tirelessly translate that vision into reality. We don't just understand this technology – we live and breathe it, driven by a mission to secure humanity's digital freedom. Beyond expertise, we bring a personalized touch. We work hand-in-hand with diverse markets worldwide, meticulously tailoring our solutions to their specific needs, from mitigating cyber threats to bolstering data integrity. Together, we empower them to stay a step ahead of an ever-evolving threat landscape. With over 250 publications in top scientific journals, our innovation has been globally recognized with more than 15,000 citations and international patents. However, the true measure of our success lies in the trust placed in us by our partners. Join us on a groundbreaking journey towards a future where security is not just a promise, but a constant reality. Explore our website to discover how our cutting-edge technology and personalized approach can safeguard your critical assets and propel your organization forward.


A multidisciplinary team of quantum experts from around the world, exclusively composed of PhD holders and experienced business managers.

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