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Our Team

Our Team


SeQure is a Chilean-Polish Startup on Quantum Technologies, originated from a scientific collaboration in quantum phptonics between the University of Concepción in Chile and Gdansk University in Poland.

Our highly international team (US, Brasil, Chile, Poland, Germany) is currently formed by 10 employees (+externals), including physicists, engineers (SW/HW), designers and Management&Administration. Our technical team is highly specialized in protoype and hardware/software developments with several products in the portfolio, and with a strong background in quantum optical and photonics technologies.

CEO. Prof. Dr. Gustavo M. Lima

CTO. Prof Dr. Steven Walborn

Management Dr. Pablo Gonzalez

Supervision Prof  Dr. Marcin Pawlowski

International Support/Partnerships Dr. José M. Brito

Technical Coordinator Dr. Rodrigo Fuentes

About Us: Sobre nosotros
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