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Quantum-certified random number generator.


The patented technology of Sequre Quantum not only produces random numbers but also fortifies itself against potential vulnerabilities, effectively mitigating the most pressing security concerns associated with contemporary random generators. SeQRNG marks a transformative leap in the prevailing understanding of cybersecurity and the safeguarding of vital data—an indispensable factor for the sustainable advancement of markets.

Moreover, SeQRNG holds international certification** from Gaming Labs International, further attesting to its robustness and reliability in meeting stringent industry standards.

    * Patented technology in UE here
    Patented pending in the  US, Chile, China, India.
**  GLI International certification Identifier Number:
GLI A2LA2428.05

SeQRNG applications.



A device that, leveraging quantum physics and light photons, generates random numbers capable of self-authentication online, rendering information systems across any industry unpredictable and invulnerable to failures. It is the only system capable of detecting cyberattack attempts in real-time.


Full entropy.

High quality entropy is key for some critical processes: from lotteries and online gaming to highly sensitive simulation systems.

SeQRNG guarantees the highest quality of randomness, as well as several input/output metrics that certify the data obtained is not being affected by any device malfunction or an attack.


Remote access (EaaS).

Remote access to a SeQRNG  may be a cost effective option if i) there is no regulation that requires on-premise equipment, and ii) the demand/consumption of cryptographic keys and/or random numbers is well below the capacity of the equipment.

When both criteria are met, accessing a QRNG located in a Tier 4 data center via a straight forward API is a great option to explore.

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