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Thales And SeQure Quantum Sign Agreement To Boost Their Technologies In The Space Market

Insider Brief

  • Thales signed a memorandum of understanding with SeQure Quantum, a Chilean company specializing in quantum technology for encryption and cryptography.

  • Thales and SeQure Quantum join forces to explore and develop joint strategies, transfer technology and knowledge related to space projects in Chile.

  • The signing occurred during the 23rd edition of International Air and Space Fair (FIDAE).

PRESS RELEASE — In an interconnected world, cybersecurity and innovative technologies must be present from the depths of the ocean to the vastness of space and cyberspace. In this context, Thales and SeQure Quantum understand that to provide solutions and services in line with today’s and tomorrow’s technological demands, they must collaborate to deliver innovative, high-value solutions.

Both companies, already partners in enhancing computer security through quantum technology, now strengthen their relationship by signing a new agreement that outlines a collaboration plan to explore and develop joint strategies in space-related topics, including mainly quantum technology aspects, technology transfer, and knowledge to keep Chile at the forefront of technological innovation in this field.

The agreement is framed within the context of the Chilean National Satellite System, where cybersecurity aspects in space-to-ground; ground-to-space; and ground-to-ground environments become even more relevant in a scenario where quantum computing is already a reality.

Thales is globally recognized in the space market for its extensive experience of over 40 years, delivering high-tech solutions in telecommunications satellites, navigation, earth observation, environmental control, exploration, science, and orbital infrastructures. These solutions enable governments, institutions, space agencies, and telecommunications operators to connect, defend, observe, protect, explore, travel, and navigate.

Thales in Chile has over 55 years of presence, operating with all its business units and holding a leadership position in the Defense, Air Traffic Control, Payment Methods, Data Protection, Mobile, and Connectivity markets. Maintaining close and historical relationships with key and essential actors and institutions in a country that, like us, seeks to develop and grow while protecting its sovereignty and society.

“SeQure Quantum has developed a highly secure and scalable method for generating truly random quantum numbers, enhancing Thales’ value proposition across all its protection modules and service lines. We are confident that this partnership will allow us joint growth to deliver advanced technologies that generate more value and support Chile throughout its space program, while Thales continues to consolidate itself as a strategic company in the country by aligning with its key actors,” states Wellington Rodrigues, Thales’ General Manager for the Southern Cone (Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay).

Meanwhile, SeQure Quantum’s technology, originating from a spin-off of the University of Concepción and the University of Gdansk in Poland, is revolutionizing quantum cybersecurity with a unique development of random codes, preventing any type of breach of digital systems with a higher level of security than traditional data protection services.

The Chilean development is the only random number solution that self-certifies the authenticity and randomness of the system based on fundamental principles of physics. Innovation that, in addition to positioning itself in the international data security industry, is contributing to other sectors such as aerospace and gambling.

“This alliance with Thales marks a significant milestone for technological innovation. Our quantum technology, designed to generate truly random and unpredictable numbers, represents a crucial innovation in the fight against cyberattacks and security breaches, with a unique ability to self-certify the randomness of the process and detect any potential threat to equipment health in real time. We are eager to share this cutting-edge technology with FIDAE attendees and contribute to advancing digital security globally,” says Paulina Assmann, CEO of SeQure Quantum.

The agreement was formalized this Thursday during the International Air and Space Fair (FIDAE), an event that, on its first day, was attended by important political authorities, such as the Minister of Science, Knowledge, and Innovation, Aisén Etcheverry, who commented on this alliance: “We know that quantum is the next frontier. All countries are developing their strategies, and we are too, looking at the capabilities we have in Chile that are relevant and very substantive. The work that SeQure Quantum is doing in developing technology and putting it into practice in partnership with such an important company as Thales is fundamental; it’s how Chilean technology is projected and also how it collaborates with the international world, which is part of the essence of how we do science and technology in Chile,” said the minister.


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